When I watched no impact man it really made me think about the things I do in my life that effect the world around me. We go through our daily lives one day at a time never considering the consequences of our actions in reference to the environment and the animals that live therein. I would have to say that it, at the very least, made me think intently about how I can change my lifestyle to have less of an impact.

Do I truly believe that I will be able to live a sustainable lifestyle that has little or no impact on the environment? No, I do not. I simply like doing the things I’m doing too much. I enjoy driving my car and eating a pile of Chicken nuggets whenever I visit McDonald’s. I like the fact that I throw my trash away in the trash and forget about it instead of trying to compost it. It’s not for lack of believing it’s a great idea. If I could compost and stick to it I certainly would. It’s just that I know for a fact I wouldn’t stick to it and I would just end up with a failed experiment and a kitchen box full of hundreds of worms that I have no idea what to do with. I believe the more realistic approach would be that I am going to try to recycle more. My girlfriend and I go through Mt Dew by the case, so the least we could do is try to take those aluminum cans to the recycling center instead of relegating them to the trash heap. Also I would like to spend less time in my car, so I plan on combining multiple trips into one. I am notorious for running places, forgetting something and running back to the store or to another store ten minutes later multiple times. All of this adds up over time in the form of my carbon footprint and it is the least I could do to try to cut back on that.

Overall I believe that yes, No impact man did have an impact on me but in the long run I don’t have that kind of willpower he had to stick it out for so long. I would crack in two days. I would get that box of worms or try to only eat farm food for a couple of days and I would simply give in and next thing you know I’m downing a burger and tossing the containers in the trash like it’s nothing.

-Dave Swanson


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  1. Tim L. says:

    Very honest response, sad to say I’m very much like you in this regard. The movie was inspiring and did a good job of making me think, but unfortunately I think that old habits die hard. It would be very difficult to reach and even harder to maintain such a level of leaving no impact that most people will try it for awhile…maybe retain some aspects of it, but by and large go back to their old routines and habits. Perhaps that is enough though. Maybe if we all just alter the way we live just a tiny bit, the sum of the whole will itself make an impact…a positive one.

  2. mvalenti (7) says:

    I also agree that it is a very realistic response, probably what is most likely to happen with most people who give it a try. Despite that, it’s great that you’re at least mind full of what you’re doing and know your limits. It’s also great that you’ve set out some really easy ways to reduce your impact, even if it is only a few things, every little bit counts.

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