Richard and Maurice McDonald changed the way American’s get their food. Their fast food chain eventually influenced the almost all of America’s food production. This influence was successful because of millions of dollars being made from fast food chains. Corporations took over and made sure they could spend as little as possible to gain as much as possible. With the expansion of McDonalds into many international markets, the company has become a symbol of globalization and the spread of the American way of life.


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  1. bhall1 says:

    It is ridiculous how far McDonald’s has come. I remember being in a region of Costa Rica next to Arenal Volcano and seeing a McDonald’s among the various jungle plantation. You know they mean globalization when they’re posting up next to active volcanos.

  2. Ciera Fedock says:

    hooray westernization of the world.

    kidding aside. McDonalds is uniquely positioned to be on the forefront of conservation. They do their part in some senses but in order for them to reach their full potential as a world leader in forward green thinking they must strive harder to make an example of their practices to the world

  3. tetchist says:

    Speaking of fast food, Fast Food Nation is a wicked good book for anyone who cares about this sort of stuff. It’s part historical record and part The Jungle.

  4. I’m sorry, but cooperate funding—Just greedy people sticking their dirty hands into things that they really shouldn’t!

    I think its almost hypocritical how statistics and media are saying that America is probably one of the most obese countries in the world, yet no one is doing anything about!
    Places like McDonalds continues to produce chemically altered food and high sodium products…

    Just talking about it make me frustrated.


  5. Danielle Burke says:

    I think the globalization of McDonald’s is crazy. One thing i find interesting is how the quality of food at McDonald’s really changes depending on the country it’s located in. I know that in certain parts of the world, you can get chicken wings and slightly different food than you can in the United States locations. Also, a lot of international locations include a little bit of the ethnic food of the area. Supposedly in some countries even the quality of the beef they use in their burgers is higher than that of the United Stetes. It’s too bad that the quality of standards isn’t the same globally (although we are still talking about McDonald’s here so we can’t expect too much i suppose).

  6. I agree, few would have predicted how far spread McDonalds would get (especially considering their mascot is a scary-ass clown) but its adapted to the global market and its everywhere now. They even serve McSushi in Japan!


  7. Hahaha and excellent image. I am really disgusted by the amount of mystery regarding the contents of the food McDonalds sells. Well I guess there isn’t much mystery in the fact that all should know it is certainly unhealthy food manufactured from sad animals and poisoned grains and vegetables. Food is not something meant to be “manufactured.” It is supposed to be “GROWN!” It is no wonder why we see so many health problems. This stuff is mutating our bodies. Ew

    ~CJ Hipp

  8. I am not anti-globalization, but I think that when it’s driven by a corporation for a profit it’s really unfortunate. Not only does it push out local cultural businesses but it feeds more into the growing global opinion that all Americans are fat lazy people who don’t think for themselves.

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