My family has been pretty conscious about the environment. We’ve always recycled, buy organic meats and vegetables when we can, and try not to waste electricity and water. I don’t really feel like I need to change my habits that much, maybe pay more attention to where the food we buy comes from. After watching ‘The End of the Line’, I realized I never closely looked at where the fish we got came from.

Also, I think a stricter retaliation on fishermen who over-fish could help the dwindling supply of ocean food. Fishermen really need to understand that they’ll be out of a job if they keep this up. The oceans NEED time to repopulate. The species that we eat are too important to the ecosystem to disappear. Everyone can do something small to help protect the Earth and the species that live on it, instead of trying to milk it dry.

– April Marcuzzo


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  1. Tim L. says:

    I Agree, but for a lot of fishermen, local gulf fishermen especially, they’re just trying to make a living. It’s not that they have no regard for the environment it’s just simply that their families rank just a little bit higher than the fish they fish for.

    Also, like every other imminent threat to the environment, though judgement day is fast approaching if we don’t change the way we do things, it’s still a distant threat to most people involved and to most people in positions to make the changes needed. Most likely none of catastrophes looming both climate-wise and in our oceans will be fully realized in our lifetimes, so it’s easy to just not think about it and keep doing what we’re doing.

  2. Ciera Fedock says:

    the issue from a political/socioeconomic standpoint is that if we put a ban on fishing then those fisherman are out of a job so what are we to do to alleviate that. We can’t simply give them money for what they would have made in a fishing season for the next 20 years while we wait for the fish population to rebound (and thats if it even does). So the biggest problem other than corporations lies in the fact that by conserving your wildlife you are potentially taking food right out of the hands of those who rely solely on that industry to survive.

  3. James Simmons says:

    I had the same reaction after watching End of the Line as you, more people need to stand up and voice their concerns about over fishing.

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