I found “No Impact Man” to be an incredibly interesting movie to watch. What the family went through for 12 months is a lot to ask of any human being accustomed to living the way that we live today, especially in a fast city like New York. While I respect other peoples decisions to pursue a less impactful lifestyle I could not see myself relinquishing any of the niceties I am accustomed to. My family and I do what we are willing to with in reason, but it absolutely is not without conscious decision. My husband and I were not raised by environmentally conscious families. Attempting to make less of a contribution to the state of our planet is something entirely new, and inspired by our daughter. In our home we recycle, do not leave lights on when we are not in the room. We try not to run heating or air whenever possible, but in Florida that window of opportunity is quite small. We also, re-use plastic bags rather than throwing them away from the grocery store. We also try not to drive as much as possible. If we need to go into town for something we make sure to go into town to do everything at once rather than the constant running back and forth.Image

If there was one thing I could sit here and say I would like to do it would be grow fresh fruits and vegetables. We have tried in the past, I just don’t have the time or ability to keep them alive. We have only been successful with our orange tree, and grapefruit tree.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

So I found this website that anyone can go to calculate their carbon footprint either as individuals, or as a household. My results are below. In my household we are above average according to this site, but that is because I travel 3,00 miles per month to school and back. If it weren’t for that we would be scored below average. Image


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  1. Tim L. says:

    Thanks for the calculator link. Looks like I really need to try harder to reduce my own foot print.

  2. The carbon calculator is really interesting! I took the test for both my household in arizona and for myself in my apartment in florida. I scored much lower when I chose my answers based on my family’s household in arizona; I think that since water is such a less available and expensive resource in arizona my family is forced to live more sustainably, however when I am here in florida it is easier to waste electricity and water because apartment life limits such choices as choosing energy efficient appliances and using alternative energy sources like solar panels. My biggest carbon offset is from flying back and forth across the country so many times a year as well.

  3. Matthew Decker says:

    This Carbon calculator is really a great resource, especially for people who dont know where to start in being more sustainable. Something that might be interesting to also have on it is how much of the food you eat comes from local farmers, since most of what we buy, organic or other wise is transported thousands of miles.

  4. Ciera Fedock says:

    I’m doing better than I thought. still terrible compared to the world though. I calculated for my family back home too and according to my calculations they are comparable to an enraged gorrilla rampaging through the forest eating small endangered animals for breakfast and burping up pure carbon by the ton after every meal.

  5. It’s crazy how much just commuting adds to your carbon footprint. Makes me glad that electric is quickly becoming more feasible for the masses, because otherwise we’d hardly be able to make a meaningful dent without biking everywhere as a society. Then again, that wouldn’t be so terrible.

  6. Jessica Langstine says:

    I agree. I thought the calculator was pretty cool. There are so many of them on the internet. Some more detailed than others, but for all intensive purposes, this helped to raise self awareness on the issue. Between “No Impact Man” and the calculator I definitely think a little more consciously about what I do.

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