I thought ‘No Impact Man’ was very inspiring. Though I don’t think I could do without electricity for six months [I can deal with the power being out for days though], or switch to vegetarian meals due to allergies. Biking though, I could do. I believe it is a very good form of exercise, because I did it during my Freshman year at college. Television is another thing I could live without, especially now in my life because I’m too busy to find time to even sit down and watch.

I found some articles on the web where other people can improve their home lives and ways to improve their lifestyles. Click on the links below to learn more:

Great Green Lists

Great Green Projects

The part of the movie where the family went to the Farmers Market, I believe is something I could also change in my life style. Food from there is very healthy, I agree. I’ve even started going to some in Sarasota to get fruits and vegetables to make dinners. Farmers Markets are healthier to invest in.

I think people can reduce on the amount of waste. Looking at the amount of garbage humans throw away is pretty gross. By reusing items like ‘No Impact Man’, it would cut down on the amount of trash we produce, and could help save the environment.

I found some commercials from Canada and Europe, where they have waste reduction weeks. Click on the links to learn more:

Waste Reduction Week Canada

Waste Reduction Week Europe

Klarissa Parduba


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  1. Jessica Langstine says:

    I am definitely in agreement. There are so many things I could not see myself living without VOLUNTARILY. lol When I was in the Army I had the disluxury of going to Iraq twice. The first time I went was when the war first started in 2003. My unit was one of the first in the country, and therefor nothing had been established yet. We lived in tents on cots. We did not have electricity most of the time because in order to have electricity we had to have the generators running. No A/C, no bathrooms, no showers, no toilettes, no water. We were all living off of an EXTREMELY limited water supply of two bottles per day per person. The bottles were 1liter each, but when you consider those two bottles are supposed to wash your clothes, bathe you, and oh yeah, HYDRATE you, it’s not enough. So when I see “No Impact Man” doing these crazy things for fun I am thinking to myself I will not do that again. lol

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