“No Impact Man” is a powerful movie. It seems like such an impossible task for a family to make no impact on the environment for a year. It truly is amazing to hear about how much waste a family can produce in one year. Then when you take that one wasteful family and multiply it to a world wide scale, things just get scary. I do always try to think about the environment sometimes it just slips a person’s mind though when confronted with the “what would be convenient vs. what helps the environment.”
I always try to take short showers. Not only does it help the environment it also helps keep my rent costs down. I feel as though having something that encourages a person, or adds incentive to help the environment in some way is really key. I not only help the environment, I also save money. This helps me remember and makes me want to help.
I have almost completely stopped drinking from plastic bottles. This was caused from a combination of watching “No Impact Man” and also watching “Tapped”. Water bottles are not only bad for you, they are a corrupt industry that are helping to destroy the worlds ecosystem. I don’t want to support that type of industry. Water Bottles are made of many toxic chemicals that then leech their way into the water and can cause a person to get sick. Only a small majority of the world actually focuses on their recycling and many don’t recycle whatsoever. This causes land fills to overflow with plastic and is slowly causing parts of the ocean to turn into a plastic soup.
I also have begun to switch all of my lights to fluorescents in order to save energy. Again sticking with the theme of helping the environment and helping yourself at the same time. It saves me a lot of money and also keep a lot of energy from being wasted. Even after changing the lights I still try to keep them off a lot. The energy I use the cheaper life is and the more I help. It makes a person feel good on both ends.
The last thing I have begun been doing and will is trying to support my love for the coral reefs by donating to charities. As I gather extraneous change I put it into a bucket and then save it up over a long while. After a while of gathering change I roll it up and donate it to a charitable reef protection agency that I research.
The world seems to be falling apart and there has to be things we can do to stop it. Little steps need to be taken. If everyone just looked at themselves and found one small thing to change it would immensely help the world. Awareness really just needs to be raised. People need to understand that the smallest thing could be having a huge impact on the grand scheme of things in the world. People just need to realize that they can all make a difference.


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  1. Johanna Bystedt says:

    I totally agree with you that sometimes being in that mindset to actually make the more conscious decision slips our minds. At least we know to put that effort into something, we are aware, and that makes use as a whole that much more stronger and ready to make a change. Not choosing to use water bottles is definitely a good decision to make. We are surrounded by water bottles and the less we use the less of a demand there is for that product. I guess this is a matter for us to continue spreading the word and actually living what we discuss in class and what we say in these posts. I also have been donating to places like WWF for a few years now, and although it may not be much money, the more people that do it, the more money and the more change and conservation can be made. Its all a matter of bringing the information and motivation to the masses.

  2. Danielle Burke says:

    I think it’s really interesting that you brought up the fact that if being eco-friendly and saving money manage to correlate, people will use that as an added incentive (and a good way of keeping it on your mind and not forgetting). I think that if you think of it this way, even taking shorter showers to save money, and not having all the lights on all the way in your home can really help environmentally as well as being cost productive! Another thing I was thinking of that people could easily do is that I know back home in MA we have a lot of machines at grocery stores that recycle cans and bottles, and for each can/bottle you insert you can get I think it’s like 50 cents per item. This way you get your items recycled and put a little bit of cash in your pocket because it adds up overtime. One downside is, is that it’s too bad that a lot of people need a money incentive to do good for the environment. It’s sad that in our country people are so money driven that it takes an incentive like this to take notice.

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