Having never seen No Impact Man, I was very interested in the idea of reducing ones waste output/ carbon foot print to zero.  In retrospect, I was unaware of just how extreme an effort that it actually is.  For me the film could be viewed as a guide that provides several examples for ways people can lower their output/ emissions.  It may be a bit severe for the average person to go all the way as No Impact Man did, but there are so many examples of ways to reduce that people can simply pick a few or even one or two things to do in their own lives to stop wasting so much of our planets’ resources and putting so much back that our earth can’t naturally break down.

In regard to the movie itself, I think that No Impact Man has his head in the right place for sure.   Although after a bit of post film research I found that Mr. No Impact did make a solid amount of money thanks to his effort.  Nonetheless I believe his effort was made for the right reasons and setting aside the bad reality tv aspect that many parts of the film seemed unable to avoid, the overall message of No Impact Man remains sound.  In today’s world of waste and corruption, I find hope in his attempts at giving back.  We should all take at least a little something from his example.  

-James Mitchell

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  1. James Simmons says:

    If your interested you can watch the movie on Netflix or some other places online. While it does seem like he did make some money from this project, he does promote his message and tries to help others understand what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint too through lectures and speaking at events.

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