I believe that GMO [Genetically Modified Organisms] is linked to food allergies that are springing up in people today. Personally, I’ve noticed a significant change in my diet from when I was a child, and not in a good way. Food like strawberries, cherries, lettuce, radishes, peppers, tomatoes, and other various vegetables I can’t eat raw anymore without my throat having an allergic reaction by swelling closed slightly, making it difficult to breathe, or without a various place on my face swelling up. Even when cooked I sometimes have a similar problem. This didn’t used to happen till a few years ago, which irritates me to no end because now I have no idea what I should and should not be eating from the grocery store. I’m no longer eating healthy, which I know is bad for my body. But since I don’t have an allergic reaction to unhealthy food that is what I usually turn to when looking for something to eat.

People always say to go to Farmers/Food Markets, which I totally agree with, because it is healthier. However, there are some areas that don’t have access to one. I’ve been living out in Wyoming for the last five years, now living in Florida, and we only have one guy in my town who opens his business one time during the year. Sometimes we get snow six to seven months out of the year, so having fresh fruit and vegetables, and open markets are hard to come by. Now living in Florida I have more access to them, but still its sad that you can’t trust regular supermarkets. They should be helping us, not causing problems.

In one article, it stated that, ‘Five percent of children and two percent of adults in the United States are at risk for a health threat’. These cases usually occur when a normally harmless protein enters the body and infects the immune system, generating a response. Another thing I read was that plants already produce toxic substances before they are even picked. The levels are usually low enough that they do not affect us. However, by inserting a different gene into the plant could produce toxins at higher levels that could potentially dangerous.

I think GMO is very scary. If this continues, what’s to say that more allergies spring up in us and are more life threatening then what they are now. I don’t want to think about the horrible consequence that could come out of this.

Below are some links I found on GMO and health. To me they were interesting and insightful on the matter.

Human Health

Global Healing Center

Environmental Effects

Harmful Effects

Klarissa Parduba


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  1. Ciera Fedock says:

    GMO is a very serious monopoly. constantly farmers are being sued because seeds from a GMO farm may or may not have flown through the air onto that farmers land and subsequently seeded. It is by no fault of the farmer but they end up in huge lawsuits with these giant corporations that then bankrupt the farmer who is trying to plant with their own seed. this primes them for purchasing that land at a reduced price and making that farmer a part of their monopoly. It is insane what they are doing

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