The Bradford household has always had a good amount of diverse food in it. There is a farmers market every Sunday and my mom always packs her car to the brim with local farm grown products. But that is all the way in New Hampshire. Living in Florida is another story. I get the Publix brand of almost everything because it is cheaper than most but I can tell very clearly how processed all of their products are. I have eaten healthy my entire life, and I continue to do so but with a huge loss in flavor and I’m guessing nutrition. I make a giant salad for myself every time I go to the grocery store and it usually lasts me about two weeks. I fill it with all different kinds of veggies and this last time I thought why not add some cherry tomatoes? I loved eating those when I was home. So I bought them and when I tried them here, i wanted to throw out the whole carton. They tasted like nothing but overly juicy water balloons. We grow cherry tomatoes in our backyard at home and they are sweet and super red and crunchy like little apples. The Publix brand were big, dull, watery and completely flavorless. It amazes me that people are okay with eating them. Another thing i noticed in my salad is the lettuce. in New Hampshire, the lettuce at the farmers market gives off a scent. It smells like earth and and nutrition. The Romain lettuce and even the spinach i get at Publix, smells like water, absolutely no scent. It also has no flavor to be found. The lettuce from back home is crunchy and sweet but it rots a whole lot quicker than the Publix brand. you have to eat it in a day or two or it start getting brown and nasty. How long the veggies here lasts freaks me out as well. The amount of preservatives and chemicals they put into the vegetables to make them a brighter green and last longer, can not be good for our bodies. Another food I have noticed for a while now is eggs. The difference between farm fresh and store bought is extremely different. My family had 12 chickens for about five years and the difference in the color of the shell, the yolk, and the taste, were all noticeable. The eggs from our chickens were smaller and browner, and the color of the yolk was a deep golden yellow. The taste of these eggs was vastly different. I usually put syrup or pepper or cheese on my eggs to mask the taste, but with the ones from our chickens there was no need. Something as simple as veggies and eggs can be so different and so much better if we produce them how nature intended. I really hope that things change so our taste buds can be happier.

Patrick Bradford


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