Climate change is affecting animals of all kinds. Many animals are already feeling the effects of global warming and many more are threatened.

Polar bears hunt their prey from the ice. Due to climate change the ice is melting, and polar bears that have not stored up enough fat reserves have to deal with months of fasting which results in them starving to death, losing their cubs to malnutrition and even resorting to cannibalism. read more here.

Climate change has made an increase in heavier storms and weather. Gray wolves’ behavioral response to increased snow fall has a cascade effect on the rest of the ecosystem, read more here.

Air temperatures continue to climb, and water temperatures  in lakes and streams are rising. Cold water fish such as trout and salmon, which are temperature-sensitive, will begin to lose important habitat, read more here.

Patrick Bradford


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  1. James Simmons says:

    The quick snipped of information about the Gray Wolves was very interesting. It’s intriguing to see how a small unbalance could have wide affects upon the small microcosm.

  2. I believe that climate change is effecting the Arctic Circle, the polar bears natural habitat. Here’s an add that I came across this Thanksgiving break, made by Coca-Cola, trying to stress the issue:

    Another link that I personally love is this one:

    The music video was made by in 2008, by my favorite band, 30 Seconds To Mars, who were trying to point out that the ice was melting and that something need to be done.

    Klarissa Parduba

  3. Tim L. says:

    It’s mind boggling to try and grasp just many species are effected by a few degrees temperature change. When we think of climate change we always think of polar bears or other more visible or endearing species. But the fact is everything is effected…even the fish in our streams and rivers.

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