Those who are looking to help give back to the planet, should look no further than No Impact Man. The documentary follows author Colin Beavan and his family as he attempts to go a full year without causing an impact on the world. I think the feat itself was very inspiring. I found Colin’s family to be extremely down-to-earth and surprisingly relatable to be pursuing such a globally abnormal feat. I especially enjoyed seeing how hard it was for his wife to try and give up all the things that on which she had become so dependent.

As far as the impact on myself, I don’t necessarily think seeing the documentary will cause any big changes to the way that I impact the world as of right now. As a college student who lives on campus, I think it’s really hard to try and minimize how much waste I am creating and what I am consuming when an art student lives in such a fast and demanding lifestyle. I also think that living in a place that’s not your home makes it hard to try to make drastic changes to a lifestyle. I already do a lot of energy consuming activities such as unplugging things that are not in use, and turning out the lights in rooms that no one is in. I have however noticed a somewhat newfound guilt associated with going out grocery or supply shopping whenever I seem to come home with numerous plastic bags. I try to get as little number of bags as possible.

Here’s a blog of a family that tries to perform a “No Impact Week.” There might be some cool ideas for you to pick up if you would like to try to lessen your global impact, such as “Zero Waste Trail Mix.”

-Daniel Hanks


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  1. James Simmons says:

    I totally agree with your statement about how its hard to change your lifestyle because were so dependent on the college for some of our essential needs. I try and make little changes instead of overall huge lifestyle changes. Such as using reusable containers, reusing the plastic bags, using less water during showers and trying to buy more local products.

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