After watching No Impact Man, by Laura Gabbert, Justin Schein, my idea of environmental issues sky rocketed. It opened my eyes to what is needed to be done and how we can all help to better this world. It was shocking to see what they had to go through in the a movie. Giving up electric, TV, subways, taxis, cars, air conditioning, newspapers or magazines, buying anything new, no toilet paper, disposable diapers, no fridge, making their food that they could only buy 250 miles away from them on a vegetable diet, along with a box of worms that decomposed their trash for them. It is a big sacrifice to make in this world. Honestly, I don’t know if I can live with no toilet paper. That sounds very unpleasant. I really like the fact the the movie was more focused on positive environmental impact from the Beavan’s life and not just statistics and charts of environmental problems we have to inform us on the issues. I think this movement benefited their lives. They grew together as a family through hard times and good times. They had more fun cleaning the laundry together as a family in the tub rather than putting it in the washer and going about whatever they normally do separately.
As of now I am going to keep living the way I normally do. The little things I can do to change would be to recycle more and to educate other people more about our environmental issues today. Watching TV is not like a religion to me so giving that up won’t be hard. Watching movies and certain TV shows I watch on my laptop, but not on a daily basis. As an illustrator I am going to use up paper to draw and use other media on. Maybe I could find some other recycled material to draw on instead. I am going to watch the food I buy and where it comes from, especially the fruit, fish, and meat. I could drive to work every day, but I don’t have the luxury of time because of my classes. So I need to drive there especially during the week. I could try to bike on weekends, but I normally work at night so that might not be safe. I will try! I just want to make our world better than what is it today years from now. Even if it takes me years to make a difference, I want to do it.
What really inspires me to help change our habits and the way we live today is because I believe it will improve our lifestyle and will make us more happy with ourselves. Give us that upbeat attitude. There are so many negative people out there and not enough positive people to help change the world. Many citizens know about environment problems, choose to do nothing about it, and expect better results. That is just some insane logic right there. How can someone honestly expect things to change if they themselves are not making any positive changes to partake in this event? It starts with you! Do something about it! The domino effect will occur and start to make other people more aware and before you know it our world will start to look better and better. In order to make changes someone has to have determination. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lazy and selfish people in this world not willing to give up what they want and don’t need. We need to stop thinking locally and start thinking globally. Taking baby steps towards our future.

By: Jillian Iuliucci


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  1. I really like the approach you took, toward art as a medium to save the environment, like using recycle materials in your art or even use it as an canvas, there are many materials out-there which would be a great inspiration for you and be helpful to produce some innovative work! – this is gr8 example

    Chitra 😀 😀 😀

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