Today we talked about our countries ignorance of GMO’s and the way we eat food. Recently school food has been in the headlines because apparently tomato paste is now a vegetable  (Though we all know tomato’s are fruits..) Well not ALL schools are moving in a bad direction. I went to high school at Kansas City Academy, a small alternative private school in Kansas City, Mo. My high school is very progressive in not only teaching methods but in steps to create a better community. During my years at KCA the students after turning 16 are allowed to leave campus to eat. It was awesome, but posed a big problem, we were all eating at the fast food joints that have taken over the Waldo Neighborhood. When my senior year rolled around, KCA brought in Bistro Kids to help us make a change. Bistro Kids buys directly from local family farmers, retailers, and food producers, who in turn get all the proceeds. Also, the school built a hoop house for veggies as well as raised bed gardens. They worked together to make their lunches as sustainable as possible.

In the hoop house

Granted, my high school is tiny. It’s much harder for bigger schools to adopted this system but it’s something worth looking into. Chicken nuggets and pizza aren’t the only option. When school lunch programs were created about 100 years ago, they weren’t made to create profit, they were made to feed the mouths of children. As time has passed the more important concern is the needs of companies selling them soda, frozen foods and candies. It’s hard to change something that’s already in place, but if more schools followed Kansas City Academy’s ways maybe we would see things change for the better.

Students learning about sustainable farming!

Food grown in the garden

– Ann


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  1. I never ate the cafeteria in high school, I wouldn’t dare. And usually, if I eat something I want to know what’s in it. And looking at the food they served us as school, I didn’t even want to GUESS what their meals consisted of. But if my high school had this sort of program going, I might have actually looked forward to going to school for once.

  2. omg thats great! that you found that someone somewhere is doing right! i was really disappointed about all the depressing stories we heard in class about how everyone is doing wrong! i m glad, and wish more people follow their food steps!

    Chitra 😀 😀 😀

  3. Patrick Bradford says:

    this is fantastic! its great to see that students actually participated in making this happen and did not take the lazy way out like so many do. that food looks waaay better than any kind of frozen meal or pizza my school would give out! and it def beats my pbj i had every day

  4. I personally never ate cafeteria food, but I have to say I’ve noticed a great difference between the food they offer at larger high school compared to smaller ones. At my old, much larger high school the cafeteria ladies would serve greasy food, slushies, ice cream, and other unhealthy products. Not to say that my new, much smaller school served a strict, healthy lunch, but it have balance. The school replaced most of the soda machines with milk, juice, gatorade, and water vending machines, they served vegetables with their lunches, and the food was a lot less greasy and had a variety.

    I think based on where you live and how large of a student body one place has to fill impacts high schoolers diets a lot.

    Klarissa Parduba

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