Global climate change is effecting everyone and everything on this planet, but it is definitely effecting some more than others.

For example, here’s an article about 7 species, who may not survive due to global climate change:

Polar bears are called the poster children for global warming & here is why:

The wolf’s response to colder/snowier winters:

[Bianca Pol]


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  1. Johanna Bystedt says:

    The first article really stresses the relationship of climate change to the decrease and increase of biological systems across the board. As the wolves hunt in larger packs because of the colder winters, they increase the decline in the moose population, which leads to an increase in the balsam fir saplings because a smaller moose population don’t eat as much. It would make sense that a change in one ecosystem can effect a change in another, animals to plant life. If, due to climate change, winters start becoming colder and colder, then more moose will be killed, eventually leading to the extinction.

  2. bhall1 says:

    It’s crazy how climate change causes a ripple effect throughout certain biological ecosystems. When one species is effected, in this case the wolves, it causes a chain reaction that effects other wildlife native to that area. Simply by having longer winters, the wolves hunting patterns are effected, which leave our friends the moose’s in a bad position.

  3. April Manuel says:

    It is really sad to see that scientists believe that the Artic is going to grow warmer as a result of human activity. This is because of the greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide. I hope we can make changes and do something before all the ice is gone. I also read that polar bears are finding too much open water. That in 2004, four polar bears drowned because they were trying to swim to the pack ice. I hope more people will make a difference. I noticed at the 7eleven gas station there are Coca Cola cups that say they are trying to help the polar bears.

  4. James Simmons says:

    Thanks for sharing the article about the polar bears. I always knew there were some global climate issues associated with them, but I never really considered them to be affected so much.

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