Watching “No Impact Man” was an eye opener for me. Being from south, Texas where we didn’t have recycle bins in our neighborhood or anywhere except for a recycling place that you would have to make a far drive to. Watching the movie made me realize how much we waste, and how much potential there is to reuse things we would normally throw away. What I noticed after seeing this movie is that I started noticing how much trash I create and how much trash I throw out every week. Also when ordering Chinese take out I realized they put food in plastic bowls with lids that could be reused. The movie really made me feel inspired like that I should be doing something to help our planet and to lower the impact I have on earth. When watching No impact man they lived in the dark at one point, which is crazy but I was thinking about buying energy saving light bulbs since I don’t have any in my house. I also wash most of my clothes in cold water, which is supposed to save energy. Since I was reading in an article that “85 percent of energy from washing clothes comes from using hot water.” What they did looked really hard but I understand they are trying to make a point that if we all make our own changes it will add up. So some of the changes I was thinking about that I could do is to try being a vegetarian. If not, reducing my consumption of meat can help. For example, trying to eat more meals with out meat. I would also want to see where I can get local food and try to buy organic food instead of shopping at Walmart. I would like to become more healthy by buying and eating organic food. I want to respect our planet by recycling, not buying water bottles and changing my way of living. Making small changes can add up with all the people in the world. The movie made me feel like we should act now before its too late.


Here are some website links I found with interesting ways to help!








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  1. Patrick Bradford says:

    No Impact man was incredible. When we first started watching it I couldn’t help but think of how crazy these people were. The whole no toilet paper thing really threw me off but there are a lot of things that they changed in their lives that I will definitely consider and end up actually doing. This all depends on where people live however, because I feel like if you don’t live in a city it would just be a waste of time and too much hassle to do the n transportation thing if you lived in a rural area. I plan on living in a city when I graduate so I will be walking to and from everywhere as much as possible. The garden is also a fantastic idea. I love me some veggies and gardening is incredibly relaxing. I live in New Hampshire and we live in the woods so my family gardens quite often and we grow our own veggies and they are so much cheaper and better tasting than store bought. I also love the idea of the farmers market I think they should have those everywhere everyday like they do in New York its incredible. I would never do the no washing machine and no electricity thing they did, I love my electronics too much but I already use candles instead of lights at night, its fun and a whole lot nicer on the electricity bill. Doing laundry in the bathtub is a definite no go for me as well, ad so is using baking soda instead of toothpaste I cant imagine that making your mouth feel clean afterwards. the family doing this seemed incredibly happy and joyful when doing some of the activities they did which im pretty sure would not happen had they child been a bit older and less fascinated by everything but im glad they had fun. I would like to try using the cleaning supplies that they made I have never used bleach on anything because of how harmful it is and if what they created does basically the same thing and it is all natural then I am all for it. I like that they were able to cut al the processed foods from their diet that must have been incredibly difficult, I know that I can never do that because my addiction to peanut butter and chocolate is way too strong.

    I found a link to home made natural cleaning supplies that I am definitely going to try out

    This lik is about creating raised garden beds for planting veggies and such

    this is a great website it has directories for all different kinds of “green” ways of doing things in your life

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