What I will do to start living eco. friendly is start living off the land and start a garden. Primarily live off of local farmers produce and goods until I can buy my own life stock, or produce my own cultivation. I do not only want to do that, but in the future start living off of the grid and move into low impact housing. I would like to build a tiny portable house that can furnish my needs and be comfortable, kind of like this (link) but I will build it and also make it run off of solar panels similar to what was done in the documentary. I feel like self- sustainable living is one of the only ways people can plan to cut back their foot print for the future.

I would also like to be able to start a community after I graduate that shares a piece of land and communes their produce life stock and goods they make from living off the land. It’s a silly large dream, but I am really about helping the environment and putting people back to work for themselves. I think everyone no matter what their walk of life could do this and they could also keep their same profession and work only what they needed of the land. It is very easy to find a way to get your niche once you know what kind of life style you would like to start. Low impact living is very successful  if approached with a plan and logic in mind. I have been planning my idea for a few years and I actually have a few friends and family members that are on board with the idea as well.

I really enjoyed what I saw from the documentary, I thought it very real, and very helpful to show all of the struggles that people go through when living in the city and trying to cut back their way of everyday life and make it a better way for everyone not just their own family. I enjoyed that the wife had a lot of growth throughout the film, It showed that anyone can do it and though it might not be easy it is very possible.

I enjoyed that He had the initiative to get his whole family on board and keep them interested. It seemed his wife at first didn’t really understand his methods or ideas, but she eventually at the end didn’t really want to stop a lot of the things that they had started because she realized how helpful and good for the family those things were. I think that even though we live in a crazy set in its ways lifestyle society there are a ton of ways to help the global foot print and increase the biodiversity of our own cities, towns, and homes. Just by composting or growing food with your neighbors, or going to the farmers market or riding your bike as much as you possible or even helping yourself by reusing things like water bottles, you can help. I plan on doing all those things. Yes I do drive my car and buy stuff from the store now but in the next 5 years my plan is to not have to do any of that. Here are a few links to successful communities that live eco friendly and help themselves and their community by working together and getting the most out of the land or space they live on without out sourcing.






Destiny Burch


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  1. April Manuel says:

    I would like to check out the farmers market here because I’ve never gone there before. I also hope to get a bike soon. Since I live about a 3-4 minute drive from the school I could ride a bike to school instead. After seeing No Impact Man and they were riding their bikes. It really made me think that I could be riding a bike to school instead of driving, and that it would be great exercise. So hopefully I can get a bike over Christmas break so that I can use it for next semester. Another way I would like to help the environment is by reusing, bottles, paper, anything I can instead of throwing everything away. Since watching No Impact man I have noticed how much trash I create and it’s alot. I need to find a way to lower my trash and reuse.

  2. i really like the links and they truly are great sustainable living examples! i mean going sustainable is the right way to live, may be its out of our comfort zone, and we might have to make sacrifices or give up things, but it better for the future.. for example the water bottle issue going around! to stop it or to continue is a personal choice, it will make a difference to stop using it but first there should be available alternatives, which there are! so it your own choice! our own choice!

    Chitra 😀

  3. Grace Betts says:

    Living sustainably should not be this difficult to get people on board with. It’s truly unfortunate that we have industrialized so quickly, that we didn’t stop to think what it was doing to the world around us. We are incredibly spoiled with our non diverse resources, and through repetition makes it hard for us to give that up. I think it’s awesome that you want to start your own sustainable community, I hope more people jump on board with that idea. Maybe even one day it will become trendy and fly across the nation like wildfire. Using our own pettiness against ourselves for the sake of the environment.

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