“No Impact Man” certainly was an interesting documentary and I think some people could technically tailor their lives inorder to reduce impact on the environment and better the earth.  He was sort of contradictory in some of his actions, such as use of the computer for email and blogging purposes as well as his phone.  I can’t say I particularly blame him for not using devices these devices since they’re part of how he was able to garner so much attention and actually film the documentary, but technically he wasn’t totally without environmental impact.

This is exactly where  “No Impact Man” had no impact on me personally.  My career and ability to live unfortunately is entirely dependant on networking and working through digital means.  Not only do I rely on electricity and computers to do work, but I will be working in the digital entertainment field that requires all of the users to also use electricity. So in other words I wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice much of anything.  I did find the possibility of using solar power to run electrical devices promising but the amount of space and steep price of the panels makes it impossible for solar energy to make an impact at a personal level.  If the technology were to progress significantly or the government reducing the use of fossil fuels and instead invest in renewable energy sources a change might be possible.

I don’t feel that I have a huge impact on the environment other than my electrical use, and it would be interesting to see how much I actually do use, but unfortunately I don’t have the time or means to experiment with something like this at this time in my life.

All in all, I think it’s great that people like this exist, but I just don’t something like this will be enough to turn the world around.  Humans need some drastic change through mass envolvement or nothing significant will be done.

-Dan Mitchell (DeathMetalDan)



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  1. Rachel Schwarting says:

    I agree that it can sometimes can seem daunting to think about everything in the world that needs changing. I guess part of his point was that everyone needs to chip in as much as they can to contribute to the larger, conscious effort.

  2. Danielle Burke says:

    I agree that the documentary was interesting but slightly contradictory as well. In terms of the solar panneling, it is unfortunate that they are at such a steep price at this point in time but I think it would be a fair assumption in believing that the price of these will dramatically decrease in the coming years. Look at all digital technology and you will see this trend. If this were to happen I would be willing to look into using this as a source of some of the power for electricity.

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