Gives a general overview of what climate change entails. The article goes on to claim that climate change is a natural part of the earth’s atmospheric cycle. However, due in large part to the Industrial revolution, man has significantly increased their carbon foot print and will soon face severe consequences unless they implement drastic changes immediately.

States that communities are severely under prepared to deal with the catastrophic results of poor land and water management. Claims that communities are even now facing the very real challenges climate change is bringing, including larger and more frequent floods, severe droughts, shrinking snow packs, and increased water pollution. The article proposes ten reforms which represent a proactive approach in addressing climate change.

The recent record breaking snowfalls in the east have sent the debate over climate change into a fever pitch. Skeptics of climate change are mockingly claiming that this looks more like global cooling. While climate change scientists claim that the recent intensification of weather events holds consistent with the forecasts that a heating planet will produce large and volatile weather anomalies.

Jacob Berrier


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  1. bhall1 says:

    I agree with a lot of the points that are brought up. Discouraging reconstruction in areas prone to flash floods seems to make perfect sense to me. I also agree with a reward system that encourages farmers to develop good habits as far as their agricultural practices go.

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