Rapid Spike in CO2 Emissions Shocks Researchers

It is shocking to know that we dump a staggering about of waste into the air and still have people believing that we don’t effect the planet at all. It’s also a shame that developing countries take the selfish, profitable way out and just point fingers at the quicker developed countries who didn’t know any better prior. The fact that we are only 2 degrees away from extreme climate change is terrifying.

NASA Begins Voyage To Probe Ocean, Climate Changes

Although this article is a year old, the information is interesting. The main focus of the mission was to record how changes in the Arctic may be altering the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere while using a boat that can crunch through 4ft of solid ice. They are also researching how the change in the climate is effecting the arctic ecosystems.

Crop scientists now fret about heat not just water

I find it interesting that a common theme in all of these articles is about how people don’t seem to want to believe that climate change exists. This article deals with the food supply currently being threatened due to the rising heat and changing seasons. Scary in the fact it was just posted last month and they are still having just as much problems getting the general populous to believe that our extravagant unnatural lifestyle has no effect on our planet. “There are going to be some real shocks to the system. Climate is the biggest challenge. Demand is not going away.

By: Grace Betts


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  1. Johanna Bystedt says:

    I think its is good that there are some places left on the plant that people can still study and really see the effects of climate change. It is a good way for us to learn and make changes in our own lives accordingly. I can see why some people may think, oh they are finding all this information from the arctic, and I’m all the way in the United States, I have nothing to do with that. But for those that actually believe in this climate change, it is hard to look at this information being gathered, and realize that we a civilization are the ones that are effecting this place that is so isolated from civilization.

  2. Rachel Schwarting says:

    It’s strange to think that one of the most obvious issues concerning Global Warming could have been ignored for this long. The thought of large amounts of crops being destroyed by bad summers seems like it could be a very real possibility if the conditions don’t improve.

  3. James Simmons says:

    It’s a bit sad that a lot of issues concerning climate change are just starring us right in the face. Many choose to ignore the warning signs but I am thankful others refuse to be silent about what needs to be done and tries to inform others of the issues.

  4. It’s simply astounding to me that there are still people out there who just refuse to believe that climate change is occurring and that we are making such radical changes to our planet.

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