I know it’s aimed at a considerably younger crowd, but I thought a few of the activities were kind of fun (like the “Global Grocery” part).

Calculates your ecological footprint! A little depressing, but it asks some interesting questions and really helps you evaluate your lifestyle.

Just a pretty cool/well-done break done of biodiversity facts and figures presented in an easy way.

-Rachel Schwarting


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  1. April Manuel says:

    I just calculated my footprint on the earth and it said I need 7 earths to support my living style. It was a interesting quiz that made me realize how much I need to change my ways of living. I am going to have my husband do the quiz also so that he can see that we both need to work together to help the environment. He drives to work 12 miles there and 12 miles back everyday. which I calculated into how many miles we drive each day. I also want to start recycling! It’s something simple that I could do while making other changes like eating less meat or buying from the farmers market.

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