The film No Impact Man is about a man that decided to go for one year without making an impact on our planet but wanted to make as big of an impact on our global consciousness as possible.

The film was good and seemed to really show an honest slice of Colin Beavan’s, his wife Michelle Conlin’s, and their young daughter’s life during this time.  The film does not shy away from the fights, the disappointment, and the general discouragement both Michelle and Colin faced.  Both of them came off as true and multi-sided individuals who try and make the most of their situation.  I especially felt connected to Michelle, who seemed thrust into this complete lifestyle change but tried to make the most of it.  She slips up and is almost unapologetic in doing so and she felt much more like someone with whom I could relate.  She was extremely funny and was much easier to associate my own personal lifestyle with.

Colin on the other hand is very enthusiastic and honest with what he is doing.  He seems fully intended to leave as little impact as possible, doing a lot of research and finding innovative ways to reduce his family’s waste.  He sometimes gets discouraged but overall believes fully in his mission.

I thought the film was enjoyable and entertaining but ultimately was not so convinced.  While I believe the Beavans showed us many good tips and easy ways to reduce our impact, most of it was pretty unrealistic and not very inspiring.  Like he said, no one is going to live without electricity, but I think he was successful in going to the extreme and showing the world it could be done, not necessarily that every step should be done.

Colin’s blog is very interesting and is definitely worth a read.  I especially liked the post about how he was going to get to the premiere of his own film without making an impact.

Overall it was a good movie and definitely a positive step in the crusade to save our planet, one family at a time.


Charlotte Mao


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