This link will lead readers to a very interesting article about the effects climate change is having on our world food source. This is an article that should not be over looked because it directly affects the human species. However, it is also an interesting look at different ideas for how to preserve our food source, especially where agriculture is concerned. The idea that is being promoted in this article is a solution to the ever-changing climate is for the world food system to change as the climate does. Please take a look at the articles to get a more detailed description of this idea.

This link will take you to an article discussing the affect climate change is having on the polar ice caps and how this directly affects multiple different species like: the polar bear, sea turtles, right whales, penguins, seals, lobsters, and cod. We are not just pushing these creatures to the brink of extinction by commercial fishing and hunting, but through global warming. It is because of global warming/climate change that we are destroying valuable food sources that many ocean dwelling sea creatures depend on for food. Read more to see the multiple different ways we are forcing all species into extinction. This would be a perfect example of the ladder effect.

This link will lead readers to an article talking about the other major valuable earth inhabitant on our planet; plants. Here we read more in depth about how climate change is affecting in my mind what is first and for most always affected by any climate change, our plant life. This is a huge huge issue because for those of you who can’t remember 5th grade science class, humans and most land dwelling organisms solely rely on the workings of plants and trees to produce our oxygen. No oxygen, no us.


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  1. Charlotte Mao says:

    I’m always incredibly interested on climate change affecting our polar caps. I have always seen them as extremely fragile but always out of reach. It’s good to know that the effects of our pollution on animals that are so far from our everyday life are not forgotten.

    Charlotte Mao

  2. bhall1 says:

    I was watching Planet Earth the other day and it mentioned that nearly half of all baby polar bears die within the first year they are born. This number is bound to rise due to global warming. It’s becoming a dangerous world out there for these polar bears. As if life is not hard enough living in a barren wasteland made of ice, now it is melting from underneath them.

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