The droughts in Texas cause the cotton crops, pumpkins, peanuts, wheat and corn crops to decrease drastically. Along with those droughts since there is no grass for the cattle to eat, farmers have also been selling part of their herds.

A huge Dust Storm aka a Haboob rolled through Lubbock, Texas, it was so intense that it was compared to The Dust Bowl back in 1930.

Farmer, Austin Brown II, reminisce when his farm used to have grass and how this has been the worst drought Texas has had in over 100 years.

-Kristy Siciliano


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  1. Grace Betts says:

    I had no idea that Texas was having this insane of a drought issue. I’m very shocked that it hasn’t been addressed more in the news seeing as these appear to be huge economic problems. The fact that our own food supply is threatened is definitely a scary subject. I’m actually going to be visit Texas for two weeks over Winter Break, so it will be interesting to see how it is effecting the everyday suburban Texans. Maybe I’ll even experience one of those terrible dust storms.

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