‘No Impact Man’ vs Reality

Watching ‘No Impact Man’ was an inspiration to stop for a moment and really think what one person can do. Does it matter that one lives environmentally friendly, when the rest fully enjoys the consumerist style of life? I think it makes a change and the smallest shift one takes towards the sustainability, it still counts as a step. It is like running:

People can say it is useless, missing the point, unrealistic and wasting energy. But do these people do more? Talking has been leading us to a dead end for centuries and that will not change. A change can only happen when it is initiated with passion. In the movie, there have been many challenges, which seem strange to implement in the beginning of 21st century. Living without the fridge, with no lights and other kind of electric devices; not buying new clothes, cosmetics, food that is not local, etc. In my opinion, a few of these commitments have failed, especially that there were forced into the lives of the entire family, including a little child. I understand it was necessary to cross the limits, yet at the end of the day I would not follow these suggestions. I think it is not about taking things away, e.g. the fridge, but rather using resources wisely. Such actions as switching the light off, turning off the tap, using eco-friendly bulbs, are easier that one thinks. When we all pass this level of THINKING, we can go along with more challenging commitments, such as shopping every Saturday at a local food market, using less plastic bottles, etc. Even though the movie has rushes the process of these environmentally friendly adjustments, it is a source of inspiration and hope for better.

What can we do?

There have been hundreds of discussions what one can do. Thousands of blogs, articles, recipes how to live environmentally friendly. Many of them require time (e.g. planning), money (e.g. organic food) and energy (e.g. recycling). There might be other ways, such as starting your own garden, being a vegetarian, recycling your garbage, etc. Yet, there is one simple idea, which implementation is 100% positive. Public transportation. We have all heard of it, yet we still drive because it is faster, cheaper, easier, safer? I believe it is all nonsense and slogans, that cover the guilt of consumerist and comfortable people. There is nothing easier, cheaper and safer (and healthier!) that taking a bike to a grocery store. There is nothing faster than taking a subway or bus to work or a cinema. And also, nothing more fun to travel by train across the country. Using a bicycle or public transportation is the most convenient and one of the most powerful steps, that can be taken to become ‘greener’ overnight. I believe that ANY opposing voices, are just the excuses that we all get used to say. But to change the planet is to change yourself, and it starts with two wheels and a bus ticket.

Public Transportation: TAKES US THERE

Better than driving 

– Kasia (Katarzyna) Dybek


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