Heralded as one of the world’s hotbeds of biodiversity, the Galapagos Islands might not be that way for long.

The world’s climate is changing fast and it seems to be starting to effect the Galapagos Isalnds. At least 45 Galapagos species have now disappeared or are facing extinction. One of the endangered species involved is the delicate Fur Seal. Climate change to the area will soon hurt their numbers due to a fall in native food and a rise in diseases due to the rise in temperature. Many scientists believe that if we don’t act now and help the Galapagos in its transformation into our new normal temperatures we may lose one of the worlds most precious ecosystems. Already we have seen a mass elimination of kelp beds and Coral reefs in the area. One can only ask what will it take for us to help protect the Galapagos from being hurt by our actions.

-Ciera Fedock


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