No Impact man was an interesting documentary but I’m not sure how many of his environmentally friendly habits I could introduce into my life, based on my situation.  Its a little easier to live with no impact when you are a writer working out of your home and you don’t have a nine to five like everyone else. I wouldn’t say it was easy because it would be very hard to give up many of the things he did, but since his no impact project was technically his work, it seems like it would give him extra motivation and time, since it was his job.

I’ve always tried not to be too wasteful, but it’s hard to help sometimes, either because of ignorance or laziness. No Impact man brought to light a lot of wasteful habits we have, that we may have not considered as being that bad. I never really bought bottled water, but my roommates do, so I told them to cut that out. I feel like at a certain point in my life I could do without electricity for a while because I love the allure of candles. Though at this point in my life candles become too much of a hassle and a fire hazard with me being in and out of the apartment all day.I already go without television and I rely on sunlight during the day, so electricity would probably be among the easiest habits  to break.

No Impact man didn’t really make a dramatic change on my lifestyle but I think what it offered was consideration. I think slightly more about what i’m doing, how it is affecting the environment, and I try to make small changes here and there. The following articles discuss areas where we can cut down on our global impact:

This article discusses how hotels are wasteful and how they might cut down on their environmental impact.

This article offers twelve steps for one to reduce their CO2 emissions.

This site discusses a software for engineers that will bring about great advances in the planning and functionality of infrastructure construction.

Brendon Hall


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