No Impact Man was a great movie! For a while I have been aware of how important it is to recycle. I come from a family that recycles as much as possible. The city where I’m from did not pick up cardboard, so instead of being lazy and throwing away the cardboard, we accumulated our cardboard and then took it to a local recycling center. I am known to be a bit of a “recycle Nazi” at times because it’s a pet peeve of mine seeing cans and plastic bottles in the garbage when there is a recycling bin right next to it! I even try to recycle the small amounts of paper I accumulate as well.

The biggest thing that struck me about the movie was when Colin said “the first step to recycling is reduce.” It makes a lot sense. It also got me thinking about what amount of the plastic and paper I recycle actually gets recycled and how many times it can be recycled. The biggest problem is how much plastic is being made. This plastic is slowly suffocating our planet because it can take up 1000 years for it to decompose into the earth, and I’m sure certain kinds of plastics may never. The biggest goal I would like to set up for myself is to purchase less and less plastic. When I realized how much plastic is used in almost every food and drink item I purchase I know it won’t be an easy task. One option for myself is to not use plastic bags when picking out fruit and vegetables in the produce section at the grocery store. Also I try my best to remember to bring my cloth bags to the store but occasionally forget. Now I will be more aware and not forget my bags and keep them in my car. I have not yet visited the farmers market yet and I need to! I could bring my cloth bags and possibly a piece of cloth (like in the movie) to wrap up certain items. I’ve always wanted to bake my own bread which would save plastic from buying bread at the store and it would taste much better. However, I don’t know if I could fall through with that plan considering I do little cooking for myself due to the fact that I am always busy with school work. :/ There are many other options as far as limiting my use of plastic that I would like to achieve but they may have to come in the future when I have the time to apply them.

Caitlin Davis


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