Al Gore presents serious statistics for affects of global warming and more importantly what YOU! can do to lower your carbon footprint, as well as additional advice on averting our climate crisis.

Lead scientist of the Nature Conservancy,  M.Sanjayan reports on the climate of 2011 and severe conditions brought on by global warming and La Nina oscillations.

Anne Wallach Thomas of Planet Change interviews Sarah Newkirk, director of Coastal Conservation at The Nature Conservancy in California on the states adopted land use plan that has been revised taking rising seas into serious consideration.

Wahjudi Wardojo on deforestation and the globular climate issues that have evolved from the loss of our primary carbon dioxide reduction resource, as well as what is being done to promote legal timber trade.

~ J. Mitchell n_n


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  1. Charlotte Mao says:

    I also posted Al Gore’s TED talk in my blog post. I’m glad someone else found it entertaining and informative. What I liked about it is that he tells us positive things we can do instead of just focusing on the negative like most of the things people talk about in this class.

    Charlotte Mao

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