This are my links for climate change:

Science Begins to Prepare for Climate Change’s Freak Weather

Last month, a climatologist and a geophysicist published a paper that linked a specific weather event—last summer’s Russian heat wave—to climate change. Climate scientists have predicted for years that climate change will stir up more extreme weather events, but you can’t chalk every freak snowstorm up to climate change, either.

Stock up on wine and bacon before climate change gets worse

Hippies have been fighting for awareness and action on global warming for a long time, but now yuppies and hipsters will have to join in. Bacon prices will soar and California wines will suffer due to inhospitable crop-growing conditions.

Can a Role-Playing Game Teach Millions of Farmers to Cope with Climate Change?

All told, billions of people directly rely on the success of small farmers. And of course, these farmers are among the most vulnerable in the world to the increasingly extreme weather conditions brought forth by climate change.

– Ann Putney


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