Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest coral reef may disappear by 2050. See how badly climate change has affected the amazing Great Barrier Reef!

As the Rivers Flow

With the rising global temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns, the water flows in the Nile and Limpopo rivers are feared to be affected. This could hurt food production and lead to more poverty in the area. Read on to find outmore.

Global Warming Proven by Skeptic

Climate change skeptic Richard Muller set out on a task two years ago to prove the nonexistence of global warming. Instead, he has convinced himself otherwise! Check out his article and the short video after it which shows the results of their studies.

Done by: Amanda Koh


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  1. Charlotte Mao says:

    The great barrier reef is amazing and it’s sad to see how badly it has been affected by our impact. I wish the article said more about what we can do to prevent the reef from disappearing instead of only focusing on the negative and what has already happened.

    Charlotte Mao

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