I really enjoyed watching this film. Personally, I recycle and try my best to keep my trash to a minimum, and it is difficult to do so sometimes. But I never knew exactly how much or how extreme, you can reinvent your lifestyle to making no impact. And Colin Beavan made it look so simple, even though it was clear that having almost no impact can be harsh on yourself and your family. Through the problems Beavan ran into with how his project was affection his family, they became adapted to the situation, and in the end, really benefitted them as a family, as well as individuals. I strongly admire what he had sacrificed and had done to make his project a success. He and his family went through all kinds of extremes to have no impact in the world we have consumed almost entirely. I don’t believe I would have been able to handle the majority of what they had sacrificed, but after watching this documentary, I think I’d be willing to make some changes in my consumer-driven life.

The worm composting really intrigued me; I’ve always heard about composting, but never really of a break-down description. At first, watching him use the composting method, it really grossed me out. But then, throughout the compost process, I became really interested and fascinated with it. I think I would be willing to try it. I went onto Beavan’s “No Impact Man” blogsite, and found this website www.redwormcomposting.com. So, I did a little more research of that website and you can find anything and everything there is about red worm composting. The man that runs this website, Bently “Compost Man” Christie, also has videos on all sorts of information, for example, how to make your own “mini” compost box.

Colin Beavan and his family may have had no impact environmentally for a year, but I believe they had an impact on the way that people look at their consumer-driven lives. People may want to change after being introduced to this “No Impact” project, and maybe even actually go through with some of those changes that will inspire others to do the same, and so on.

“The fact of the matter is that if only I change, it’s not going to make a difference, but the hope is that if each of us as individuals change, it’s going to inspire everybody to change. So I believe the most radical political act there is, is to be an optimist. The most radical political act there is, is to believe that if I change, other people will follow suit.” –Colin Beavan

I thought I’d add that because personally, I found it inspiring.


By: Amanda Garcia


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