Many people are catching on to different ways they can help to battle climate change. One of the most widespread ways in an urban area is the practice of planting gardens on rooftops. Rooftop gardens are a great, trendy way that the average man can help to fight the large amounts of Carbon in the air. The natural processes of photosynthesis will help reduce the amount of Carbon in the air and ultimately ‘green roofs‘ may impact climate change.

Another less well-known way that people can do to battle climate change is paint their roofs white. Painting roofs white will significantly reduce the temperature of the building overall during the summer and make it less necessary to use air conditioners. White roofs, or ‘cool roofs‘, will help with the effort of keeping this planet green!

-Elaine Wu


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  1. Johanna Bystedt says:

    I think rooftop gardens are a great way to change urban areas from being a concrete jungle to a more environmentally friendly place. Although the people and pollution caused by the city would still possibly be more then the plants could handle, it would still reduce some carbon in the atmosphere, and could definitely be a solution for the moment. It would definitely lower the temperatures of the cities and I think it would really cosmetically improve the cities. I think it would add value to a property and definitely give people a place to escape to, sort of an oasis in the middle of an urban city. If more and more buildings are going to be built, that means more and more plant life will be taken away. If we replaced what was build over, and placed it on the top of the building with plenty of nourishment to survive, I can’t really see that as being a bad idea. At this point, any effort is good effort.

  2. If the structure of the building can take added weight on the roof which is something that developers can work on making possible in coming years, then roof top gardens really are a great option with tons of possibilities. Solar panels and wind turbines could also be another rooftop option.

  3. Danielle Burke says:

    I think that rooftop gardens are a great idea, not only environmentally but for individuals mental-health as well. Being cooped up in the concrete urban lifestyle can really get to people, especially if they are originally from a more rural region. The idea of a rooftop garden is not only eco-friendly but a really cool escape from your surroundings, with an amazingly different view around you.

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