Environmental Links that will change you

Laura Wood
Ben Anderson
Matthew Decker

Little girl is wiser than most

Reusable cleaning bottle

Incredible sustainable city design

Ways to decrease your water usage

Growing tomatoes with seawater?

Dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico

Today’s technology can concur energy and environmental problems in 20-40 years

You would get places much faster in the city!

New IBM technology. Highly recyclable and biodegradable plastic?

100 ways to help the planet

11th grader comes up with interesting solution to the plastic problem

How a landfill works

Everything you need to know about water

100 places to remember before they disappear

Stephen Colbert talks with Tom Ridge about fracking

9 years without spending a single dime

If you could fly over the Earth…

First town to ban water bottles

Save on the cost of heat, while creating jobs

Bang for your Buck

Use waste as building material

Toronto creates new green rooftop lawn

Ireland says “no modified crops…at all”

Pollution in China (worse than we thought)


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  1. I read some of these articles but not all and found them very interesting. The one I found most interesting was the article that discussed using waste and turning it into TPR. Whenever I read articles about using waste and recylced goods that can be turned into building materials I become very excited. It reminded me of a time during highschool I visited a home that was made entirely out of recycled materials. They used a local spring for their water and plumbing and used solar panels for energy. They talked about how nice it was not having to pay bills, let alone a mortage payment. I knew then that I wanted to build a home just like that one in the future. Not only do you save so much money but you are using waste in very benifical ways rather than it stinking up in a landfill!

  2. April White says:

    I watched the video of the 13 year old girl who spoke at a conference in Brazil. At the age of 13 this little girl is wiser than a lot of people around us who don’t realize that if we don’t change our ways there will not be a future for the generations to come. They will live atop mounds of trash, breath in polluted air, and be burned by the sun from lack of an ozone layer. If people would open their eyes like this little girl and just see what is right in front of them we may be able to save the future generations from ourselves.

  3. Grace Betts says:

    These links are totally awesome! I especially liked the “100 places to remember before they disappear” it definitely puts things in perspective. It’s truly unfortunate that some of our most surreal and fantastic landscapes and biodiversity spots are so threatened. We, as artists, spend so much time coming up with imaginative and ‘marvelous’ scenery for our artwork, and we would have such a great range of reference if we didn’t destroy the things we find most special.

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