Climate change is currently the biggest threat to the polar bear’s survival as a species.  In a single year a polar bear may wander over 200,000 miles of ice to hunt seals (their primary source of food), but arctic sea ice is currently melting at a rapid rate because of global warming.  What does that mean for polar bears?  Less sea ice shortens the amount of time a polar bear can spend hunting seals, so they are forced to remain inland for longer periods of time without having built up enough fat storage.  This means skinnier bears giving birth to undernourished and weaker offspring.  The loss of sea ice has also forced more polar bears southward in search of food, causing more interactions between bears and human populations which is dangerous for both parties.
Janice Rosenthal

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  1. Patrick Bradford says:

    that is the cutest and saddest picture i have ever seen. i cant belliev something travels that many miles for food when we travel as far as a couple of steps to get to the kitchen and a mile or tow to the grocery store. and we dont have to walk through ice and winds and everything else horrible. ive heard that the polar bears also resort to cannibalism which is obviously awful 😦 poor things!

  2. Ben Anderson says:

    I remember watching the Al Gore documentary and seeing all these bears struggling to make it to the ice and many drowning. It’s the saddest shit ever, my heart melts for them.

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