New studies from researchers in the current issue of Nature Geoscience are showing that rivers and streams in the United States are releasing high levels of carbon, and as a result, carbon dioxide. You can read the story on the Natural Science Foundation.

-Daniel Hanks


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  1. Kasia Dybek says:

    This is a very interesting perspective to look at the problem of the climate change. Usually, we discuss the pollution in the atmosphere that leads to a high level of CO2 in the air. This article shows how important it is to make the connections between different systems, such as water, earth and air. Only when we look at a bigger picture, we can start planning the changes that will be effective for the whole environment.
    The article points out few very interesting facts about the water pollution. Because the temperature is raising, the scientists predict more precipitation, rain and snow, which could lead to even more terrestrial carbon flowing into rivers and then being released into the atmosphere. It is a vicious cycle of CO2. The research shows that ‘this release is equal to a car burning 40 billion gallons of gasoline, enough to drive back and forth to the moon 3.4 million times.’ In order to improve the health of the Earth, such high levels of CO2 cannot be ignored.

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