Why do Americans pay for water in a bottle when we like so
many other people around the world are able to get the same thing out of the
facet for FREE?! So many people say they can tell the difference between bottle
water and tap water although last semester for my ecology of water class when
the classes taste buds were tested for this different taste many failed. The
three large manufactures of bottle water is Nestle, Coke, and Pepsi.

Did you know that water that is bottle and sold in the same
state does not have to regulated and majority of bottled water sold is sold in
the same state that it is bottled. People are so quick to believe marketing of
mountains and springs that they think they are buy some very special spring
water that they can’t get out of their facet. The fact of the matter is that
most major bottle water names such as Zephyrhills and Dasani are nothing but
glorified filtered tap water. People won’t drink the water out of the facet
because they believe it to not be clean or safe even though the water coming
from the facet is tested hundreds of times in a month depending on the
population in the area where the bottled water manufacturers have one person in
the FDA responsible for testing and regulating all the bottled water in the US.
I doubt that one person is able to make it to all the manufactures at least
once a month for testing.

Don’t even get me started on the fact of where all the
bottles go once the water is gone. Yeah there is recycling in order for the
bottles but honestly how many of us can say we recycle every single one of our
water bottles and none of them have gone to the landfills or worse have wound
up in the ocean? Go out buy yourself a refillable water bottle and a facet
filter or my favorite get yourself a Brita. Even if you really don’t care about
being “green” or saving the earth look at it as you are saving money for
something you can get for free.

-April White


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  1. Danielle Burke says:

    This is something we talked about in one of my business classes last year. I think it’s crazy that people spend SO much money on bottled water because the media has us tricked into believing that it is safer than what comes out of our own faucets, but in reality the tap water in most parts of the country is just as safe for you. Not to mention all the reportings, that consuming water from a plastic bottle isn’t good for you either (i don’t know the facts on that, just something i’ve heard). We’d all be way better off financial, as well as environmentally if we all just bought a large, reusable water bottle and refilled it from tap.

    • I’ve heard about that. How people are lead to believe that water from the faucet isn’t safe to drink.

      Hasn’t anyone taken a minute to think that we use that same water to take showers, wash our dishes and brush our teeth?


  2. Kasia Dybek says:

    I have read an additional article on the waste of the bottled water and there are few facts worth mentioning, along with the blog entry. Apart from a disbelief that one person can change the world situation, or even the situation in a their own country. e.g. the United States, there are many smaller factors that contribute to not drinking the bottled water. On a very basic level, it is the financial issue. Approximately 40% of all water in bottles sold in the U.S. is just filtered water straight from the tap, which is exactly the same thing you can do at home for only a fraction of the cost.

    ‘Filtering your own drinking water at home costs a little more than $0.002 per gallon, compared to the $0.89 – $8.26 per gallon that you pay for the same filtered water in plastic bottles.’

    Not only water itself, but also the production of a bottle is a waste:

    ‘In addition, production of the plastic (PET or polyethylene) bottles just to meet our demand for it in this country takes the equivalent of about 17.6 million barrels of oil (not including transportation costs). So much money and oil is wasted by buying bottled filtered water instead of just filtering your own at home.’

    It is easy to simply have a water filter at home and drink purified water from it or from water fountains. It is a small shift, but so important in order to change the environment.

  3. This is how i see plastic water bottles: A fashion statement

    Lets be serious, everywhere from movies, TV and just walking around in the mall, everyone carries a plastic water bottle as if it were the latest fashion trend! The latest disposable plastic fashion trend.

    If anything I’d rather carry a reusable and cutely decorated water bottles. (Support the design and art community)
    Those are more cute to carry plus you save SO much money by simply bring water from home.
    Compared to buying a water filter once every few months than buying packages of plastic water bottles, you’d be saving a lot of money. (buy something worth while and nice with that money saved)

    Also, as I’ve mentioned before…Hasn’t anyone taken the time to figure out that the same water they fear to drink from the tap is the same water we use in our daily lives to clean things!


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