The Coalition of immokalee Workers Installation (CIW) are organizing an effort to get Publix to join the campaign for Fair Food.

Workers in the tomato farms that Publix purchases their tomatoes from are paid $0.50 per 32lb bucket of tomatoes, publix makes over $1000 off of ten buckets while the worker is paid a mere $5. These workers are denied water breaks and are physically abused or fired when they try to take a break, a number of large corporations have signed onto the campaign for Fair Food, Taco Bell and McDonalds to name a couple, however, Publix refuses to join. The Fair Food campaign increases the workers wage $0.01 per pound of tomatoes which translates to $0.82 per bucket, nearly doubling their wages.

Jacob Berrier


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  1. bhall1 says:

    It’s interesting to see that restaurants like McDonald’s and Taco Bell joined the Fair Food Campaign, but Publix didn’t. I, for some reason, placed Publix on a more sophisticated level, which probably comes from me just being introduced to them. I guess the slick clean look of Publix is just covering up a dirty company.

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