According to the U.S. Department of Energy, buildings are responsible for 71% of U.S. electricity consumption and alone account for 9.8% of carbon emissions worldwide. With increasing concern and awareness of global climate change and other environmental challenges the future of the design industry must begin to rapidly transform. As designers we can choose to make positive decisions to
protect human health and the health of the natural environment. Using sustainable design and being “green” is good for the environment and looks attractive. It is the designers responsibility to educate their clients and do what’s right for the environment.

-April White


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  1. Whats great about the idea of “green design” is that there really are endless possibilities when it comes to reducing and reusing. Right now we have all the means to build a completely sustainable home that has little to no negative environmental impact. The problem we run into though is the mentality of building an entire neighborhood in a few months that have few if any “green” attributes. I think in this current attitude towards architecture there are definitely ways in which those types of pre fabricated communities can incorporate sustainable design, its just a matter of getting those planners to change their perspective.

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