This article discusses how the polar bear may be the ‘poster child’ of animals impacted by climate change worldwide, but many other animals have been greatly affected too. To name a few, penguins, seals, whales and sea turtles have all been greatly affected as their loss of glacier habitat decreases. The entire mass of ice in antarctica is dramatically decreasing over a short period of time. Nasa technology has been able to document the difference in ice mass over time. The reason for which so much information can be gathered about penguins adaptations (or lack there of) can easily be found and documented by scientists because of the habitat they are found in, the remains of the birds are frozen, so more easily study-able. A major impact on the penguins, is that when the glaciers freeze not only does it reduce the space for breeding grounds, but it makes the trek more dangerous when they need to hop from glacier to open water, where predators are plentiful, and back onto a new glacier (which had once been connected.)


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  1. Ashley Raynor says:

    With all the evidence that exists on climate change, it’s amazing how many people are skeptic and don’t believe it is happening. The loss of penguins would be a tremendous tragedy to our planet. They are such a major part of the ecosystems and they happen to be one of the cutest stinkin animals ever.

  2. Don’t approach wild Penguins

    chris s

  3. bhall1 says:

    It’s a shame innocent Penguins are dying and not much action is being taken towards preventing it. It seems like it’s the same story wherever you go, animals are suffering, it’s our fault. I would like more information divulged on how climate change is affecting our friendly Narwal community.

  4. Johanna Bystedt says:

    I think some if not a lot of people know about this global climate crisis, i mean how can you now hear about it, but the fact that its not presenting itself to use directly is something that makes it harder for people to change their ways. If the human race were stating to die off, like so many species of animals, maybe then we would try to do something to make a change. But because its “only animals” its hard for many people to sympathize. They think, there are thousands of other animal species, it will be fine, or its no big deal, when it really is. People need to be educated from the beginning that this is really a serious problem and that even small changes, if everyone participates, will being big changes. It part laziness and part ignorance. Its a shame that such amazing creatures are losing everything when we as humans keep working towards gaining more and more.

  5. The video that Chris posting is hilarious. But it’s so sad to see places on the world where people hardly consume anything from it, and still these places are greatly effected by climate change. Penguins are so darn cute, it’s really actually kind of painful to see them die off and we can’t do much about it to save them.

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