Global warming, whether you believe it or not is often the subject of debate amongst politicians.

Various regions around the world are suffering from Earth’s changing climates while others go about their daily lives as if nothing is happening.
But what happens when something catastrophic occurs related to Earth’s climate? ?

Until then, Global Warming is simply up for a debate and just a topic for discussion.

So what are our politicians now saying about Climate Change?



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  1. Ashley Raynor says:

    I find it really interesting that there is such a huge community that does not believe that global warming is real or happening. I have come across so much research and ‘proof’ of the effects of global warming in my studies, but the non-believers claim tehre is no proof. Hopefully one day there will be substantial proof that will not only convince everyone that it is happenening, but also inspire them to make a change before it’s too late.

  2. Chitra Patel says:

    politicians! hopefully they can come out of their bubble soon, and spend their time on important issues that affects the environment and people, rather than denying the facts and playing naive and just giving public talks.

  3. Kasia Dybek says:

    This is a very relevant article, since the conference in Cancun took place over a year ago and soon we will be exposed to its continuation in Durban, in December 2011. Also, looking at the results of the Kyoto Protocol, implemented in 1997, it is crucial to ask how efficiently and effectively it has been executed and what next steps would look like after 2012. The main problem in the discussion if the lack of equally between the country and regions through out the world. Developing countries are not bound to sign many articles about global environmental preservation, for example Brazil. The country holds a great majority of the tropical rain forests left on the planet and there is an ongoing debate whether Brazil should continue on its economic and industrial growth that destroys the environment. These questions have to be answered on the international arena in a consensus and full respect to each other.

    – Kasia (Katarzyna) Dybek

  4. Its scary that a majority of high up politicians whether republican or democrat are so ignorant to a blatantly obvious problem. I mean even if you don’t believe humans are hurting the plant and contributing to climate change you have to at least realize that we need some serious energy reform. Reform that drastically reduces our use of oil, nuclear and coal production, and idea that most right wing presidential candidates unfortunately to not support.

  5. Rosaleen Magnone says:

    I agree I think that it is really scary that so many individuals don’t think that global warming is happening. Over the break I was talking to my mom about global warming and started to get really heated when she told me that she dosen’t believe that global warming is an issue. What she believes is that global warming has always been happening, through out time it has been going on. While I understand where she is coming from and agree with her on some points I think that it has gotten steadily worse and that something needs to change. That something is human behavior.

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