The Energy [R]evolution

An article on a transition plan to replace current fuels to renewable fuels, with higher energy efficiency. A way to make a transition practically and with greater success.

Climate Change Disasters Costing US $14 Million

Illustrating the extreme health risks and toll that changes in the climate are causing on people right now. Reviewing events in the past decade that have resulted in a huge loss.

Skeptics Finding it Hard to Explain Early Winter

This article goes back and forth between people who believe that global warming is currently having an effect on the Earth, and skeptics who are chalking it all up to history and natural weather patterns.


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  1. Ashley Raynor says:

    I’m afraid people won’t realize or even start to make change until it’s too late. I feel like it might already be too late at this point. It’s really scary how we can ruin the only thing we have for survival. If we continue this behavior, we are going to be in huge trouble. I think people ‘look the other way’ because tehy won’t have to deal with the aftermath, their children and their childrens’ children.

  2. Chitra Patel says:

    truly NO BUENO! i hope things change fast, and we act fast! to save us, and our future! its important that we realize how serious the issue is and how much worse it can get. so do not sit back and watch! we all have to individually make a difference! “Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” and ““One person can make a difference and every person should try.” (JFK)

  3. Charlotte Mao says:

    I’m glad you put up an article showing a differing point of view than what we see in this class. I personally don’t agree with the skeptics but I think it’s important to not just write off an opposing school of thought blindly without understanding their arguments first. It’s easy to just believe your way is right, it’s smart to understand both sides.

    Charlotte Mao

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