We do not realize that we have a network of plants and animals that actually try to level out the problems that we cause in our environment.

In this Video Mycologist Paul Stamets studies mycelium, and its Effects on habitat restoration, and global climate assistance.

News talks about Sun causing Climate Change. (PSSST!—–We’ve had climate change before in the past((ICE AGE)) and it happens over time naturally)

Solar flares can also cause satellites to fail and even break and fall back to earth.

This video is about how the energies that we use are going to have to change to make a better ecological climate, for not only our air and earth and animals but our very process of consuming and production of food as well. Preserving and not depleting.

-D.Burch post


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  1. caitlinrdavis says:

    I only managed to watch the first video, but I am extremely fascinated by it! I’ve always found mushrooms and fungi to be very interesting. This reminded me of a documentary I watched about mushrooms. They talked about how there are spores in our body and when we die and are buried in the earth those spores transform and we eventually become nothing but fungi that’s put back into the earth. It was really interesting when Paul said that we are related to fungi more than any other animal kingdom. I think more people need to become aware of how beneficial these species are!

  2. Charlotte Mao says:

    I like the second video. It gives us a more complete understanding of climate change that goes deeper than pollution. I think it’s important to learn as much as possible about the past so we can learn to change and mold our future

    Charlotte Mao

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