Some stories from the past week…….


Protests against the Pipeline, The Grist, November 6, 2011


and something happened because of it.…..Politico, November 7, 2011


More of what I keep saying–lack of biodiversity is hurting species ability to adapt.  Treehugger, November 7, 2011


In case you needed more bad news, “New Evidence that Climate Change Threatens Marine Biodiversity”  The Atlantic, November 2, 2011


Yikes!  Firm admits that Fracking causes earthquakes.  Treehugger, November 2, 2011


Another big company is looking at alternative fuels…United Airlines uses algae based fuels. CNN Money, November 7, 2011









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  1. Rachel Schwarting says:

    It’s interesting to see that fracking actually has acknowledged side effects; I wonder what experts would say if the earthquakes reoccurred.

  2. Rachel Schwarting says:

    It’s great to see such a large amount of support for the environment (the pipeline protest), I wonder if anything will come of it, though.

  3. laura wood says:

    The article, “lack of biodiversity is hurting species ability to adapt” showed that in any aspect of life, diversity is vital. Not only in the physical sense but in thoughts and ideas. I liked that it showed this is a connection we can all relate to, it is in no way separate from us.

  4. laura wood says:

    Im glad that at least some fortune 500 companies are standing up and experimenting with alternative fuels. It really is under the example of giant influencers like this that we can start to create real results.

  5. Johanna Bystedt says:

    Dang, Fracking is serious business! I mean if it’s able to move the Earth, you know it’s serious business. I wonder why people don’t take that as a more serious matter, I mean it seems like a serious matter to me , peoples lives are at stake let alone what may happen to the Earth.

  6. Johanna Bystedt says:

    It’s smart For larger companies to be more energy efficient. They are after all a part of the largest uses of these resources than smaller companies. It would set a good standard and model for other companies to follow. It is a good start, let’s hope it really isn’t just a publicity stunt.

  7. bhall1 says:

    Wow I never knew that Fracking caused earthquakes, but I guess it makes sense. I feel like any time you’re digging into the earths crust you’re prone to some sort of seismic activity. The men in charge said it was due to rare geography and it was unlikely to happen again, but the fact of the matter is it could.

  8. bhall1 says:

    It’s awesome that the airlines have adopted the use of bio-fuel and its even better that it’s derived from algae. I can’t really think of anything else we use algae for which makes it the perfect thing to burn in our planes. When I flew planes I had two instructors, and when we would test our fuel one instructor let me dump it in the grass and the other said it hurt the environment and wouldn’t let me. I wonder if they would both be okay with it if it was algae fuel.

  9. Johanna Bystedt says:

    The lack of diversity leading to possible extinction makes sense. It’s essentially the domino effect. The fact that if something happens to one thing, and there are others that depend on it, the others have a harder time finding something new or even adapting to the disappearance on what they once relied on. The way it was related to humans was quite shocking, and after reading, it actually made more sense. It is difficult to imagine that we are so dependable on something else, when we try so hard to think of ourselves has humans as independent. With biodiversity, it is a bit different because you can sense the community of animals and when the climate changes, its like throwing a wrench in the whole equation forcing ecosystems to re-evaluate and change, and sometimes they are unable to change. For instance with the change in the economy for us, people lost jobs and cant find anything else and they had spent their entire lives working that same job learning that single trade, and now they are completely screwed, having to entirely re-evalutate everything.

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