In creating these stickers we not only wanted to get three points across but we wanted to do so by appealing to a younger demographic. Children are the most passionate creatures on earth they are the future and if we can inspire them then change is definitely possible. Our intent was to gain the attention of our audience through a clear message and a dash of cute humor.  These are environmental issues that we are promoting: 1. Don’t approach wild dolphins, 2. Don’t feed wild dolphins, and 3. Remove fishing line from beaches to protect endangered turtles. We want people especially kids to see these stickers and really think about…Why is it a problem to approach wild dolphins?, Why is it a problem to feed wild dolphins? and finally why is it a problem for marine debris to be left on beaches or in open water?

With these stickers we want to get kids to think about these issues and be inspired enough to want to help and to be the change that we all want for the future.


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