For our sticker design, we designed the stickers to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so as to have them work together as a cohesive, interrelated piece. We designed this ‘jigsaw’ to simulate a wave crashing down, with each space mimicking a different part of the ocean, whether it is the ocean or the air. The fluid lines separating the individual stickers were made to look like they were part of the ocean.  Apart, the negative space the design creates would also reflect this idea. To reinforce the cohesiveness, we decided on an overall color scheme beforehand of blues and orange to be used on each sticker. Simultaneously, we wanted the stickers to be able to work independently from one another.

In the sticker design for removing fishing lines from beaches to protect endangered sea turtles, our design involved a turtle being lifted up by it’s arms with fishing lines and hooks, to show the imminent dangers that the sea creatures face due to the callousness of fishermen.

For the sticker about touching wild dolphins, we created a visual of an enormous hand like a menacing shadow hovering over the two dolphins whom were swimming away from it.  This is an indirect gesture to show how humans can harm dolphins by improper contact with them.
As for the sticker regarding the feeding of wild dolphins, we came up with the idea of regular, everyday foods that are normally consumed by humans and filled it into a shape of a dolphin.  This would make people relate to the items that they are familiar with and get the message across that they can do their part not to infiltrate an improper diet to dolphins.
post by Elaine Wu, Amanda Koh, & Johanna Bystedt

7 responses »

  1. tetchist says:

    the pretzel dolphin rocks.

  2. This one is my favorite for sure. Good job guys.

  3. jillian says:

    I really enjoyed this sticker. It’s very well designed and creates circular motion which allows the eye to move around easier. The color scheme bring unity the all of the concepts. I like the idea of putting all of the ideas together and making it into one big sticker. Smart thinking. I would definitely buy this sticker and put it on my car. 🙂

  4. Leo Costa says:

    A true team work collaboration. The jigsaw style catches my eye for the overall image and then lets me look at each part.

  5. patrick bradford says:

    I like this one the most, it was a great idea to connect them like you did its clear and effective and the shapes of the individual pieces are pretty unique

  6. This one was definitely the best in the class, personally. It was a great idea to combine all three of the issues into one giant super-awesome sticker :).

    Amanda Garcia

  7. Rosaleen Magnone says:

    I really enjoy these stickers and believe that they all get their point across. I especially love that they all can be placed together to create one giant sticker as well as the hand reaching out to touch the dolphins. I love that it looks like a wave but once you look at it a little longer you can see the hand. They are very clever.

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