We wanted to keep the logo very graphic and simple. It should be easy to understand and not too busy, so everybody can instantly relate to the message. We also attempted to work together so all thee logos share similarities. We used colors like blue and green, associated with the ocean.





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  1. Charlotte Mao says:

    This is my favorite group of stickers. These work the best as a unified series of artwork and I like that you used the same dolphin in the first two. They’re clean and simple and I imagine that NOAA would like these the best. Good work!

  2. Johanna Bystedt says:

    i like the don’t feed sticker, i think it conveys the message well in a simple and clean way that can be seen from afar.

  3. jlangstine says:

    These are the most professional, clean, and get the point across. Along those terms these are my favorite.

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