By Grace Betts

By Martin Valentino

By Destiny Burch

We wanted to utilize humor to make our point. By showing a morbid side we wanted to convey that doing simple things that seem harmless can sometimes be the difference between life and dead for these creatures. In all of the stickers we try to appeal to peoples emotions in a way that leads people to be more responsible, not JUST sympathetic. Our group wanted to keep the art readable and easy to connect with. ((LOL Dolphin gonna cuttcha!))


7 responses »

  1. AReilly says:

    Favorite 1

  2. Jacob Berrier says:

    I must say, I will cast my vote for these, as they a humorous, well organized and still send the intended message.

  3. Chitra Patel says:

    I really like the watercolor/faded quality of the NOAA logo! on the first sticker idea! its a neat idea!

  4. Danielle Burke says:

    These are my favorite. They’re both visually appealing and get the point of the message across very well. Plus I think that they are anatomically correct enough that the organization would be okay with them.

  5. Dan Miller says:

    These stickers are my favorite, because not only are they visually pleasing, but they communicate the ideas behind them easily, and by using humor they hit their mark more easily. I believe that these should win because they are the most professional and effective.

  6. jlangstine says:

    These are all very humorous, and very well done. While artistically I feel these are my favorite, professionally I feel these are more violent than I would prefer to see in a sticker that could potentially be distributed to a young demographic. (children)

  7. These are awesome too. I like Grace’s! 🙂

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