We were going for easily readable designs with relatively simplified drawings that work with no explanation.  We wanted the style to not necessarily be cute but, definitely have a cartoony appeal for younger audiences who enjoy stickers.  The stickers were all made to a circular template to retain cohesion.

Dan and James Mitchell


4 responses »

  1. jlangstine says:

    The first, and third are extremely cohesive, however the second is a bit out of place in my opinion. I love the third one. It is very well done, and professional.

  2. Leo Costa says:

    each three stickers are simple and effective

  3. patrick bradford says:

    I want those masked dolphins as pets! i like how the animals are breaking out of the circles that adds a whole lot more interest and appeal

  4. Even though these are great individual illustrations, I’m not sure they function very well as a set. Regardless, I could see these being very successful individually, especially the second one!


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