by Janice Rosenthal

By Danny Samuels

By Sean Cruz

We chose to use a flat, graphic approach with simplified shapes so that our stickers will still read when they are printed and sized down, but still maintained a fun style and personality to the characters so that audiences will sympathize with our cause.  We also used bright, bold colors so that the stickers have attraction and attention value and will stick out wherever they end up being placed.  We made sure to use the same typeface on all of the stickers, helvetica, for unity between the individual designs and because is it a neutral type that will also scale down without losing readability.


9 responses »

  1. April Marcuzzo says:

    Cute but serious.

  2. tetchist says:

    needs more magenta.

  3. caitlinrdavis says:

    My favorite!

  4. Leo Costa says:

    I feel like the last two have their own style but all are great and get the point across

  5. Ally says:

    I really like the turtle and the bird ones…They get the point across and they’re definitely designs that i could see stores selling as stickers!

    The dolphin dressed as a cop is good too!
    Kid friendly and gets the point across!

  6. Ann Putney says:

    Those last two are done so professionally. They don’t even need headlines they speak for themselves. Good job!

  7. Danielle Burke says:

    I really like the pop-culture aspect of the dolphin stickers with the use of a cafeteria tray and fast food bag. It makes it appear light-hearted but with a serious message, if that makes sense

  8. Love these. I like how they are gruesome but they are played down a little having this cartoon aspect about them so it plays it down for the kids.

    ~Mackenzie Vartanian

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