In our first dolphin sticker  we wanted to bring awareness to the pollution of our mighty oceans. Much of what we release into the ocean effects the ecosystem negatively, and dolphins are not exempt . We constructed a dolphin out of everyday trash to send a message about water pollution, and the dangers of feeding wild dolphins.

In our second sticker we wanted to show how by approaching wild dolphins you may be putting them or yourself at risk. It is best to leave dolphins to their own so they might go about their dolphin business in peace.

Our third and final sticker addresses the issue of fisherman leaving their lines on beaches, where sea turtles are known to roam.  We took the idea of being tangled in a double dutch game, and combined it with having the girls in fishing attire, to communicate this problem. One of the girls is flipping off the turtle which is a metaphor for the fisherman who uncaringly endanger the lives of innocent turtles.

Amanda Garcia

Brendon Hall

Patrick Bradford


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  1. laura wood says:

    these are very unique to each individuals viewpoint. vote.

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